Hello! We’re Fingertips, a pop rock band from Portugal, and we will be in Cannes for the next few days.
Here you can find out a little more about us, check out our schedule and share our daily adventures… Let’s find out more about the jet-set land, together!
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We are back to Europe and, this time, the destination is Cannes. We are here for one of the biggest music events! Have you ever heard about Midem? Well, now you have the opportunity to know more about it!
Stay tuned for more news about our shows and our experience in this fancy land.


Our place is really near to the beach and even not going there, we can smell the ocean… We are in the famous Boulevard de la Croisette, so, basically where everything happens!
We’re so excited! Everything is beautiful and trés chique. See? We’re already influenced.


Yesterday’s showcases were speechless! Everyone were so entertained. We were very happy and guess who also went there to be with us? Jimmi, our promoter from China!


Last day in the jet-set land and getting ready to continue for the next stop. Can you guess which one it is? Ok, we can give you a tip: it’s famous about its coffee shops, flowery streets and the bicycles! Yes, that’s right! We are talking about Amsterdam.
Since the flight is just at night, we’re going to spend the morning at Midem and then we have to go back to the hotel and pack. Time is precious and we can’t waste any minute!